This Day in Baltimore Orioles History: The Chris Tillman the O’s Need in 2018 Showed Up on April 2, 2011

Yesterday: The Orioles lost 7-0 to the Minnesota Twins on Sunday, dropping their first season series after opening the 2018 campaign with a victory last Thursday. The O’s also found themselves embroiled in a mini-controversy over unwritten rules when Chance Sisco bunted against the shift in the ninth inning. Deadspin summed up the dispute thusly: “Twins Mad That Other Team Was Trying Too.”

Baltimore Orioles pitchers Kevin Gausman and Chris Tillman

Kevin Gausman and Chris Tillman serve as bat boys during Spring Training. (Photo Credit: Norm Schimmel)

Yesteryear: The Orioles defeated the Tampa Bay Rays 3-1 on April 2, 2011 to push their record to 2-0.

Chris Tillman, who will make his first start of the 2018 season on Monday night in Houston, pitched six shutout innings in the 2011 game. Newly elected Orioles Hall of Famer Brian Roberts played the hero role in the eighth inning with a three-run homer off of Jake McGee.

The 2011 Orioles opened the season 4-0 and won six of their first seven games to provide fans with early hope that the team’s run of losing seasons would end at 13. Instead, the team finished 69-93 in its first full season with Buck Showalter at the helm. The O’s only winning month came in September when they went 15-13.

In other words, it’s early folks.



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