Tim Beckham Almost “Enjoys” a Record-Tying Effort for the Orioles in the Bronx

Baltimore Orioles Spring Training

Photo Credit: Norm Schimmel

The Orioles and Yankees played a wild 14-inning affair starting on Friday night and extending into Saturday morning. The O’s ultimately enjoyed the spoils of a 7-3 victory thanks to a Pedro Alavarez grand slam in extras.

Alvarez, who’s been known to strike out a time or two in his career, did not contribute to the Orioles’ 16-strikeout total after entering as a pinch hitter for Danny Valencia in the 10th inning. Instead, Tim Beckham led that effort by striking out five times. He narrowly avoided tying a team record for batting futility.

Sam Horn holds the Baltimore Orioles team record for strikeouts in a game with six, a total he established in a 9-8 loss in 15 innings to the Kansas City Royals on July 17, 1991.  O’s pitcher Mike Flanagan created new naming conventions beyond the golden sombrero in honor of Horn’s efforts, as reported by Tim Kurkjian.

I covered a game in 1991 in which Orioles DH/first baseman Sam Horn struck out six times consecutively, the first non-pitcher in AL history to do that. After the game, I went to Flanagan. “Three strikeouts is a hat trick,” he said, “four is a sombrero, five is a golden sombrero and from now on, six will be known as a Horn. Seven will be a Horn-A-Plenty.”

For consolation, Beckham only need turn to teammate Chris Davis. Davis leads the Orioles in five strikeout games with two. Chris Hoiles, Phil Bradley, Don Buford, and Mark Belanger round out the O’s career golden sombrero list.

In terms of the franchise record, Carl Weilman of the St. Louis Browns also had a six strikeout game in 1913. As was the case on Horn’s record-setting day, the contest went 15 innings; however, it ended in an 8-8 tie.

Let’s cut Weilman some slack. He happened to pitch 14.2 innings for the Browns that day, and for 11. 1 innings he faced Hall of Famer Walter Johnson when he was at the dish.



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