Chris Davis Has Struck Out in 21 Consecutive Games. His Personal Record – and the Orioles’ Team Record – Are Within Reach.

Chris Davis sat out the final two games of the Orioles’ series with the Boston Red Sox this week. Fans will therefore have to wait a bit longer to see if he can break another team record. Davis, whose 53 home runs in 2013 were the most in a season for an O’s player, is six games shy of tying the team record for most consecutive games with a strikeout.

Chris Davis, Baltimore Orioles

Photo Credit: Norm Schimmel

Davis has struck out in 21 straight games between May 12 and his most recent appearance on June 11. That’s a half-dozen less than Steve Barber‘s 27 consecutive games with a strikeout between June 21, 1960, and June 23, 1961.

Barber, you may remember, was a pitcher who played for the Orioles prior to the American League’s introduction of the designated hitter in 1973. He averaged almost one strikeout while batting per game. Barber struck out 247 times in 253 games for the Orioles over the course of eight seasons starting in 1960.

Davis still has some work to do to catch Barber.

Steve Barber, Baltimore Orioles


First, Davis will need to break his current tie with … Chris Davis, who struck out in 21 consecutive games in 2014.

Should he do so, he’ll tie … Chris Davis, who had a separate streak of 22 games with a strikeout in 2014.

Then he would need to pass … Chris Davis, who struck out in 24 consecutive games in 2013.

That would leave Barber as the final target.

Here are Davis’ longest strikeout streaks during each of his full seasons with the Baltimore Orioles:

2018: 21 games (current)

2017: 15 games

2016: 13 games

2015: 17 games

2014: 22 games

2013: 24 games

2012: 10 games

Davis owns five of the 10 longest strikeout streaks in team history. Mark Reynolds, who struck out in 21 consecutive games in 2012, is the only other non-pitcher in the top 10. (Okay, so Davis has technically pitched for the Orioles.)

Looking more broadly, Davis has eight of the 20 longest strikeout streaks in team history, and 14 of the top 50.

For context, Davis’ longest hit streak this season is three games, and his longest on-base streak is seven games. Multiply those two numbers and you have his current strikeout streak.

Last season Aaron Judge tied Bill Stoneman’s MLB record with a 37-game strikeout streak.

So … keep watching if you want to see history?



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