Buck Showalter Ejected on His Own Snow Globe Night at Camden Yards … “Halfway Christmas Miracles Happen”

Orioles Bird Santa Claus.jpgA child’s imagination can do wondrous things when placed within the cozy confines of a ballpark. So it was that as a kid I created spurious correlations related to my favorite baseball team. I believed, for example, that my attendance should always inspire the Orioles to win. Think root, root, root for the home team taken to bold levels of naive conceit.

I likewise held a belief in the potency of promotions and their unique ability to inspire excellence in athletes. (See this 2010 Roar From 34 post for a rundown of how that sort of thing plays out in reality.)

I’m older now, perhaps even a shade wiser, and my favorite baseball team stinks. Imbued with a hard-earned sense of ballpark realism, I’ve resorted to rooting for quirkiness. The imagination is still there only minus the optimism.

Score a victory for whimsicality on Monday courtesy of Buck Showalter’s ejection on the night the team distributed Buck “Snowalter” Snow Globes. I had wished for that very outcome in a Tweet earlier in the evening. (The less cynical among us might use the phrase “speaking it into existence.”)

The baseball gods bestowed joy to my world on “Halfway to Christmas” night at Camden Yards. The snow globe may as well have been a crystal ball (although Showalter never extended Christmas greetings to home plate umpire Stu Scheurwater, as far as we know).

I haven’t been this pleased with promotions peculiarities since the O’s developed a unique bobblehead jinx several years ago.

The Orioles demoted Nolan Reimold to the minors two weeks before his bobblehead night at Camden Yards in 2010. Brian Matusz continued the unique streak the following season when he ended up in the minors leading up to his own bobblehead night. Bad baseball begets Orioles oddities.

Despite the recurring disappointment of the 2018 season, which on Monday featured a rare rally followed by a predictable let-down, I will remember and even relish (second place in the Hot Dog race, by the way) my latest trip to the ballpark for its distinct flavor.

Perhaps Twitter user @kimikimkim said it best: “Half Christmas miracles happen.”



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