Frank Robinson Friday: The Future Hall of Famer Wasn’t Bowled Over by News of His Trade to the Baltimore Orioles

Frank Robinson StatueThe Baltimore Orioles will honor the life of the late Frank Robinson prior to Saturday’s game against the New York Yankees. “A Celebration of Frank” is one of several ways that the franchise is remembering one of its greatest players in 2019.

The O’s are wearing commemorative “20” patches on their jerseys this season, and the Orioles Charitable Foundations is donating a total of $60,000 to civil right and African American museums.

Here at Roar From 34, I’ll have Frank Robinson Fridays throughout the season in place of my traditional Flashback Fridays. One way to honor the Orioles great, especially for fans who never saw him play, is to learn more about him.

The focus of this first Frank Robinson Friday is how he reacted to news of his trade to the Baltimore Orioles.

Frank Robinson posted a .296/.386/.540 slash line for the Cincinnati Reds in 1965 with 33 homers and 113 RBI. The All-Star finished 18th in MVP voting after previously winning the award following the 1961 season. He posted a 5.1 WAR. Still, as he entered his third decade, he had been labeled “an old 30” and became part of the “best trade in Orioles history.”

So how did the man himself react to the trade?

Well, over the course of the season he  won the Triple Crown, became the first player to win MVP in both leagues, and added a World Series MVP award.

In the short-term, however, he went bowling.

Here’s an excerpt from a Dec. 10, 1965, Washington Post article about the trade.

Robinson could not be reached for comment, but his wife said he received word that he had been traded as he was leaving home to go bowling. She said he took the news calmly.

“The Reds called him up and said he had been traded,” Mrs. Robinson said. “He just asked them who he had been traded for. Mr. Phil Seghi told him and he said ‘okay’ and left.

Seghi is assistant general manager of the Reds.

Next time you go bowling, take a moment to remember the Baltimore Orioles’ Hall of Fame outfielder.



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  1. thank you. went bowling! I love it.

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