About Roar from 34


Started in 2006, Roar From 34 is the oldest independently operated blog about the Baltimore Orioles. The site focuses on Humor, History, and Homerism. Roar from 34 is celebrating its 10th anniversary (1o years, 11 seasons) in 2016.

IMG_0290I (Matt Taylor) started Roar from 34 with my good friend and fellow Orioles fan Chris Heun in 2006. We both grew up on the Orioles, have backgrounds in journalism, and love writing. We decided to start a blog on a whim before we even really understood what a blog was all about.

Roar from 34 became a solo venture about a year or so after it started (Thanks a lot, Chris) and has been my personal labor of love ever since. I’ve seen and written about more losing than winning since starting the blog, but after six seasons of mostly bad news, things have taken a turn for the better of late.

Roar from 34 has afforded me some unique opportunities. For example:

  • I was the first credentialed blogger to work in the press box at Orioles Park at Camden Yards.
  • I have participated in the MidAtlantic Sports Network’s (MASN) guest blogger program since its inception in 2011.
  • I’ve interviewed Rick Sutcliffe prior to a Sunday Night Baseball broadcast on ESPN featuring the Orioles, chatted with Rick Dempsey at an Orioles Blogger Night at Camden Yards, and connected with many great O’s fans, bloggers, and podcasters along the way.

I’m grateful for all of these opportunities, and for the fact that people take the time to read and to respond to my work. As Rex Barney would say, “Thank Youuuuuuu.”

So why the name “Roar from 34”?

Orioles fans will recognize the name Roar from 34 as honoring Orioles Hall of Famer Wild Bill Hagy and Memorial Stadium’s Section 34 Rowdies. The name seemed fitting for the blog as the site provides a fan’s perspective on the game and is supposed to be fun. (Don’t worry, I won’t hurl any beer coolers.)

Read about Hagy in this Baltimore Sun article and watch the video profile about him from Baltimore’s “Evening Magazine” below.