How Do the 2016 Orioles Stack Up to Past O’s Playoff Teams?

1969 Baltimore Orioles pinThe Orioles enter the All-Star break in first place in the American League East with a chance to claim their 13th postseason berth since arriving in Baltimore in 1954. How do the 2016 Orioles stack up to those previous dozen teams after 87 games?

Here’s a teaser: The 2016 O’s have a better record after 87 games than one World Series winner in Baltimore as well as one of the franchise’s 100-win teams.

The O’s 51-36 mark so far in 2016 is the seventh-best among Baltimore teams to have made the postseason. The best of the bunch is the 1969 Orioles who had already tallied 60 wins after 87 games on their way to a franchise-best 109 wins by the end of the season.

Somewhat surprisingly, the 1970 Orioles, who won 108 games, had only 54 wins after 87 games. That team did its damage late in the season with a 22-8 record in August and a 21-7 mark in September. The 1970 Orioles won their final 11 regular season games and hold baseball’s longest combined win streak between the regular season and postseason at 17 games.

Overall, the Orioles have had five 100-win teams. The 1980 Orioles won 100 games but failed to make the playoffs after finishing second in the division. Although they’re not on the list below, the 1980 O’s were three games behind this year’s squad with a 48-39 record after 87 games.

The 2016 team has one more win than the World Series champion 1983 Orioles (50-37) had after 87 games and four more wins than the most recent division winning team in 2014, which was 47-40.

Here are the records of Orioles playoff teams after 87 games:

1969: 60-27

1966: 58-29

1979: 57-30

1997: 55-32

1971: 55-32

1970: 54-33

2016: 51-36

1983: 50-37

2014: 47-40

1974: 47-40

1973: 47-40

2012: 46-41

1996: 46-41




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